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The Graham County Recreation Commission is dedicated to providing recreational and educational activities, that enhance the quality of life for all Graham County citizens.

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Graham County Historical Society 

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Mike Boss is a founding member of the new American Society of Railway Artists.

from Hill City, KS  by Sunell Koerner

America was just 50 years old when the transition from horse power to steam power began to evolve. Railways would be built, and along with them profound changes would appear among social, economic, and political aspects of this developing young country. The Industrial Revolution would experience one of it's most incredible phenomena.

And, a new American fascination would be born.

On April 8, 2013, the American Society of Railway Artists was formed to encourage and facilitate, through art, the depiction of railroading past and present, its impact and practices. Mike Boss, one of the country's more accomplished railway artists, was invited to become a Founding Member of this new society. Mike is one of 55 individuals who accepted the challenges faced in creating and launching the Society.

Jim Porterfield, the Executive Director of the new Society, was the driving force behind Mike joining the organization. Jim also serves as Director of the Center for Railway Tourism, an academic and service resource for the railway heritage community that is affiliated with Davis & Elkins College in Elkins, West Virginia. Jim has a long record of involvement in train history. He has written several books, is a popular speaker, a Contributing Editor for Railfan & Railroad, an avid train enthusiast, a dining car connoisseur, and a loyal patron of Amtrak.

At it's heart, the Society presents an opportunity for those who love art and railroading to come together and share in the creation, distribution and appreciation of works of imagination that capture North America's unique railway heritage in its entirety.

Please join me in congratulating Mike Boss on becoming a Founding Member in this quest to preserve, protect, and promote one of the most storied aspects of America's past, present and future!

Keep an eye on the Society's website as it develops and features amazing rail artists, including Mike, as well as building features and programs to benefit rail artists and rail enthusiasts alike.

These are a few of my favorite Mike Boss railway paintings. More can be seen on his website under the "Railway" heading.

"UP Big Boy 4005"

"Life Along the Chesapeake and Ohio: Thurmond, West Virginia"

"This One's for You, Rich"

"Wait...Did You Hear Somethin'?"

"Pure Class"

American Society of Railway Artists